Gym Rental

The Virginia WILD gym is available for rent!

If you're in a bind looking for a place to practice or you want to get use of a cheerleading floor before your next competition, look no further!

Over 8,000 square feet dedicated to training the best cheerleaders and dancers.

We offer:

  • (1) full size 54' X 42' competition spring loaded cheerleading floors 
  • (1) 42'x 42' size competition spring loaded cheerleading floor
  • 40 ft Tumble Trak
  • 40 ft Rod Floor
  • Over 30 feet of full length mirrored walls
  • 24 feet high ceilings
  • Huge air conditioned/heated lobby and viewing area for parents and spectators with plenty of seating
  • Snack bar with plenty of food and drinks for everyone

With our full size cheerleading floors and incredible sound systems our gym is perfect for what you need!

Gym rental includes the use of our cheer floor and a sound system.

Call (757) 422-9453 or email for pricing and availability.

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